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Solving the Seamless Revenue Puzzle: GuestLogix and OpenJaw Take A Bite Out of Silos

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Dan Thompson
SVP, Global Strategy & Investor Relations

GuestLogix saw an opportunity to tear down the data silos which prevent airlines and travel companies from capitalizing on revenue from ancillary sales, by acquiring OpenJaw Technologies Limited in a transaction worth $41.2 million.

Dan Thompson, SVP, Global Strategy & Investor Relations explains why GuestLogix and OpenJaw are a perfect fit.

“The two platforms don’t really have much overlap,” he tells us. “They fit together like a puzzle, they fit nicely and seamlessly together. We’re going to be able to move a lot more quickly and the industry will be pleasantly surprised.”

For airlines, Thompson says, OpenJaw’s integration with GuestLogix will help create a much-needed end-to-end solution to personalize ancillary revenue services. Airlines can tailor product offerings to their customers, with a system which remembers who they are, what they’ve already purchased, and what they’ll need next, point-to-point.

“Putting seamless together becomes a very powerful thing,” Thompson tells us.

GuestLogix and OpenJaw “integrate data from every single touch point and filter that through a sophisticated business intelligence offering,” Thompson says. He suggests airlines can leverage data gathered from web-portals, airport kiosks, seat-back screens, in-flight POS handheld devices, even an airline’s mobile app.

“The mobile touchpoint is considered to be a catch-all, an access point that can be utilized at any point in the journey,” Thompson explains.

For passengers, there are more opportunities to buy in-flight meals and duty-free items, book hotels, arrange ground transportation, and book tour packages on-the-go. Even, as connectivity becomes more readily available, in the air.

“Our system is integrated right now with Global Eagle Entertainment on Southwest,” says Thompson. “Passengers on Southwest Airlines can book tour packages, ground transportation offerings, and even book tickets to various attractions in any of the destinations Southwest travels to. That’s already starting and we’re certain to see more of that onboard.”