‘Side slip’ aircraft seat designer showcases working prototype, eyes certification

April 22, 2013


side slip seat small 150x150 Side slip aircraft seat designer showcases working prototype, eyes certificationIn the days leading up to the Aircraft Interiors Expo, a Denver-based design firm called Molon Labe Designs generated a tremendous amount of press after releasing a graphics-filled video about a unique new ‘side slip’ seating concept. By the time the Expo opened its doors in Hamburg, Molon had developed a working prototype of its design, and was able to demonstrate to airline managers how the ‘side slip’ design could improve turnaround times (the aisle seat slides over and rests atop the middle seat to expand the aircraft aisle).

The prototype “held up nicely” at the show, Molon Labe Designs COO Hank Scott tells the APEX editor’s blog. He notes that the company “probably had this seat do 1,000 cycles over the four days” of the show.

Scott says a few minor changes will be made to the aesthetics of the design “based on airline and OEM feedback from the show” and then Molon Labe Designs will freeze that design, and begin certification testing.

The tests are expected to start this summer. Scott, an ex-Navy test pilot, says confidently that he doesn’t expect to encounter too many obstacles during certification.

But are there any weight penalties to this seat? “The design trades recline and a full size tray table for the sliding mechanism (which is really very basic – but rugged). So we actually come in a little under a basic economy seat weight. We can have it recline and add IFE but steering clear of both for the initial certification and launch seat,” claims Scott.

See Molon Labe Designs’ working prototype of the ‘side slip’ seat in action at AIX 2013 in the video clip below.


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